Thursday, April 9, 2009

What a beautiful day

When I first stepped out onto my porch this morning I thought the whole day was going to be cold. To my delightful surprise, the sun came out and warmed the day up quite a bit. It was one of those days where I would take off my jacket because I was hot and then I would put it back on because I got chilly. I babysat and while the youngest was taking her nap I got to play outside with the four year old girl which she absolutely loves because she likes the one on one attention. It was such a wonderful experience to watch her feel so happy over some of the smallest things. She was pretending there was a party and she knocked down a pinata (shovel) in her sand box and told me to dig for candy. As I was digging I found a worm and right away I showed her because I knew she would be excited. She took that worm on as her own pet. She made homes all over the yard, she poured water on him to keep him hydrated, she would not leave him alone for fear that he might crawl away. It was an absolutely fascinating afternoon. When the little one woke up we all had a good time together outside. She loves to slide down the slide. In fact last week she learned that she could go down the slide by herself. It was such an enlightening time to see her face light up with excitement that she could do yet another thing on her own. She would slide down the slide and then say "again, again!"

Then the craziness happened. The oldest girl went outside on the porch for something and when she came back in she didn't latch the door completely. Well their goldendoodle is a big dog if you have never seen one and she had been whining to go outside with us. I had just finished the dishes and we were just about ready when I saw the dog pushing on the door and next thing I knew out the door she flew. Imagine me running after a dog that weighs close to as much as me and is much stronger than me. Luckily their mom was home cleaning so she ran out with me however, for some odd reason today the dog chose to run into the street! And she just kept running, let me tell you. When she ran out a car was right behind her and how nice of a man he was! The girls mom ran back to get the car and I ran full speed after the dog. Thank goodness the man in the car followed the dog who had at this point gone the whole way up one road turned right down another and had gone about half way up that road as well. The guy in the car called for the dog and for some reason (thank the Lord) she listened and he was able to grab her collar and I was able to grab her from the man after thanking him repeatedly and then next thing I knew here came the girl's mom to take us back home! She is a young mom so she is in good shape and I am young and consider myself to be in pretty good shape. Thank goodness for all of those factors. It was just last week that the dog ran out and luckily their grandmother lives down the yard from them and caught her then. And the week before that the oldest fell down the stairs when her mom had just gotten home and needed her head superglued. Both the girl's mother and grandmother said that the dog runs like that all the time and just shook it off. No big deal...but thank goodness! I feel like such a bad babysitter!

What a day! haha. Kevin and I went to Rakestraws tonight! It was very good. I got Grapenut icecream and it was quite tasty indeed! Tomorrow my car is getting inspected, but I have tons of school work to do anyway so I will have to be here most of the day anyway!

I hope everyone is doing well and is getting ready to have a wonderful Easter!

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  1. Hi again

    What a delight children are sometimes! I don't have any of my own but many of my friends do. It is so cute the way they marvel at such small things. I think that's how God wants us to be - appreciating all the little joys.

    My cat often runs out like that - not out to the road thank goodness but under the house. She comes out all cobwebby.

    Have a wonderful Easter.



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