Friday, April 17, 2009

Sunshine and sore hearts

These last two days have been absolutely gorgeous! The sun is shining, the air is warm, everything is just beautiful! Our plants have been getting their fill of sunlight and they sure are greedy! They love then sun! : ) Although I have no room to talk because I have been enjoying every minute in the sun that I can get. I ate lunch outside on campus today. It was really nice and although my friend could not eat with me, the clock chimed its beautiful melody and the buzzing of the bees and the chirping of the birds kept me company. This weather has truly been a gift from God I believe to lighten everyone's spirits!

Yesterday was a beautiful day and all was well until Kevin's sister called me. She is having some bad complications with her pregnancy and it is quite hard right now because she lost a baby girl named Angel last year. She and her family could really use your prayers right now if would like to help us all out. The doctors believe that she gave the baby an illness that she was not immune to and we are all just praying that the baby has the strength to become healthy again and make to Earth to live with her family.
That was a very sad phone call. To make the night even worse, Kevin decided to stop at his parents house. Now he has been saying that he has wanted this particular dish for dinner for big deal, just some day if his mom ever got the chance. Well his sister (the one I mentioned earlier) wanted it as well and they go over to his parents every tuesday and thursday and some sundays for dinner. Well, we walked into their house last night and as soon as we opened the door, we knew she had made it and not invited us. Now it was a hard day and I would never expect someone to invite us to dinner anyway, but his mom had been saying and saying, making a big deal about how she was going to make this dish for him and his sister and all of us. Well, you can only imagine how much it hurt last night when we walked in and all they could do was make one thousand excuses about how there was enough room or that they were going to invite us but..... Yeah. I immediately stopped talking when I found certain that they had done this because I was so infuriated at the fact that it seemed like a deliberate cut to Kevin. I know that it hurt him so much, not that he wasn't invited for dinner, that he had been asking and hoping and then they had the nerve to do it without us. It just cut deep. I am really trying to look at it in a different light but, I just cried for Kevin because he and I have these huge hearts that we bend over backwards and do everything possible, if we offend someone we cry because we never meant to hurt them. We give and give and give everyone the benefit of the doubt and very very few people return that and it hurts so much when you are pouring your heart out to be kind to others and they cut you deep.

Anyway enough ranting and raving because I do forgive them. I mean I am sure we do lots of things that hurt peoples feelings and don't mean to. This day I was just in such a bad mood. I had a hard test today and so much went on last night. I am just overwhelmed. But God sure did bless us with a beautiful day! Thank you SOOOO MUCH God. I hope you all are doing well! I am so sorry for ranting and raving. I hope that you can be happy and feel love! I am praying for everyone! Smile guys!

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  1. Hi again

    Glad you had lovely weather and were able to rest a little.

    Yeah my family can really get to me too - it's hard.

    I hope and pray that Kevin's sisters baby is Ok

    God Bless Amber


by Elain Gates