Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can we have a little sunlight please?

Dear God,
Can we please have a little sunlight? Our new baby plants need some light to grow and I think everyone in the world needs a bit of shine to brighten their day.
Thank you and love,

Today was a fairly good day. I learned a lot in my classes today. Some days I feel like going to college is worthless, however on days like today I am glad I went. Listening to stories about other people in history really inspires me. I realize how amazing it would be to make a difference, to have somebody remember your name for something. I wish I could go to Africa and help all people. Infact, I wish I could go all over the world and help those people that really need help in the world. Money is so unimportant and I wish everyone in the world could see that. Sometimes I wish we could go back to the simplistic ways and just use our technology to communicate and help, never to kill people or commit horrible crimes, or use it to spread hate. Today I was inspired to make a difference.

I was also inspired to nourish my body. Not just with any food but with food that will do wonderful things for my body. Some days just make me feel so good...others not so much but, I will enjoy this feeling of happiness and inspiration for awhile.

Look at our plants! We put them in their homes last night! It was SO EXCITING! I have something to look after. : ) I am happy about that.

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  1. Hi again

    Glad you had a better few days. Good on you for the plants - I'm hopeless with plants.

    It's also great you want to help people. I do too. I want to use my office work skills to help a charity.

    Anyway God Bless



by Elain Gates