Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Extending our family

We decided to expand our family and since we cannot have pets in our apartment (I am still dying to get a pet) we decided to get some plants. Yesterday we went to walmart and decided to get two sweet yellow pepper plants and one tomato plant. It is very exciting because now we have something to look after. As you can see we have not yet planted them in their proper home. We bought two nice pots and organic potting mix and we are going to put them in their proper homes tonight because last night it was too late. To some people getting a few plants is probably no big deal but, to me it is super exciting! They are like our new babies. : ) How fun!
Today is a rainy day and its quite sad. I can't wait until it is warm however, the rain can be quite lovely too. I was hoping for some sun today thought so my little plants could get the adequate amount of light but, it doesn't look like that sun will be coming until thursday. Oh man!

This week is going to be a busy week between tests and work and everything else that can possibly pop up that definitely will. The only thing that is getting me through college and work is thinking that I am almost one semester closer to becoming a teacher, having a decent job, and being able to help Kevin out with all the bills. That also means that we are one step closer to being able to start our family. : )

Yesterday I was talking to my friend about life in general and all the crappy hands that we have been dealt in life. I came to the conclusion that sometimes people use their belief system as a mask. Sometimes people use God as an excuse not to feel. Not that God is not the perfect excuse to do all good deeds for, not that I don't believe in God, not that I don't love Jesus with all my heart, sometimes I feel like some people just make up their own rules on both ends of the spectrum. I think often people that strictly follow the bible look at others and think that they are going to hell because they don't follow the exact words of the scripture. I feel like they however, do not switch the tables and see that people that do not follow the exact words of the scripture but form beliefs based on their own personal opinion and relationship with God are simply doing the same thing. Both groups are looking at each other and saying that is not the right way. I am a firm believer that there are many different ways and even my best Christian friends will tell me I am wrong, that there can only be one way, one set of beliefs. However, to me it just seems like isn't it possible that Jesus is reaching out to those other religions and just pulling them in enough to make him content and maybe in His heart the love that they have for Him and for God is enough? Isn't it possible that all different religions of the work are marked by one God, one Jesus, just formed and run differently? In my opinion, I say yes. Many people however, tell me no.

I think sometimes people hide behind their religion. They don't think that they should feel human feelings but, I think God gave us emotions to feel, God gave us a voice to speak up, a mind to think, the freedom to make mistakes and the knowledge to make them right. God doesn't expect us to be perfect; He does expect us to try to be good people, so why should we have such unrealistic expectations for ourselves if even our God does not? I am beginning to believe that you cannot love God unless you love yourself because if you have no respect for the creation of God that you are, then how can you have respect for God?

I dont know. Just my ramblins, my thoughts in progress.

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