Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Summer is coming...

These last few days have been absolutely gorgeous! I will admit, they have been a bit hot especially because we are stubborn and decided 92 or not, we are not turning on our AC. We did have to break down one night at about 2 in the morning when it was in the 90's while we were trying to sleep but last night we got a fan for in our room and it worked very well. I finally got a good night's sleep although it was not quite enough. I can not complain though because at least I got to sleep. The sunshine is going to go away today but hopefully it will return by the weekend because I absolutely love these sunny, hot and not humid days. Saturday Kevin and I walked on trail behind my college and it was beautiful. We saw this amazing blue bug and we couldn't snap a picture of it in time, but I have never seen anything like it! It's whole body was metallic blue! Sunday we went for a hike and it was hot but, it was wonderful. We sat at the top of the mountain on some rocks that overlooked the cliff. A seven year old girl was climbing across a rope from cliff to cliff and she also repelled. I was amazed although, I am not sure that I would have let my seven year old do that because there is no soft spot, there is no chance for survival if you fall. I will post pictures later, maybe tonight or tomorrow from the walk and the hike. You will absolutely love some of them! The hike that we did on Sunday was a great work out and our bodies felt so rejuvenated although it was much shorter and not as hard as the one that Kevin and I did last year. It was our warm up hike!
Yesterday my two best friends at college and I took pictures on campus and let me tell you, it was beautiful! The blooming trees made wonderful backgrounds and we had all kinds of fun just hanging out together. If I can I will post pictures from yesterday as well because those pictures are gorgeous as well!
I am excited for the weekend to be here again but I am trying to enjoy every day. I often pray to God that he will make me humble because sometimes I am too outspoken. I always let people into my life so much and then get stabbed in the back so I have been praying that I may be able to find the strength that was in me before what happened in November 2007 and that I may be able to sit quietly and observe others and pour my soul out only to those that I know truly care instead of telling just anybody that will listen.
I am thinking about getting a tattoo. I don't know of what and I know that some people are strongly opposed to getting one because God gave us our bodies not to write on but to nurture and love. I however am not opposed to tattoos. I think perhaps I would like to get the chinese symbol for love or something along those lines on my foot. If I do end up getting one I definitely want it to be something relating to love because that is the what life is about. I view love as the most important thing and God gave us the ability to love Him and love others. I cant even begin to express how important love is to me. I could just go on and on about it but I will spare you.
I hope you all are well! I hope the sun is shining or if it isn't I hope that you can enjoy what ever weather you are being handed. I hope life is being kind to you or at least if it isn't you can find the kindness in God and in others. Please pray for Erica and Steve and their daughter, their angel daughter, and their baby.

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  1. Glad you had such a good time.

    Oh for sunny days! Here it is raining.



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