Monday, April 6, 2009

Feeling close

Today was an interesting day. School was long and rainy and boring. I scheduled for summer classes and fall classes and somehow my bill was wayyyy more than it was supposed to be so I obviously didn't pay that. I just don't have the money right now. Nobody is helping me with school. I have paid it all so far and college is expensive. Christian club was full of worship, full of tears, full of happiness but, the part of the day that made me smile the most was laying at home watching Marley & Me with Kevin.

Marley & Me was one of the best movies I have ever seen. The couple's relationship reminded me so much of the relationship that Kevin and I share. The adventures of their life were amazing and to see them played out on the screen gave me hope for Kevin and I. While it was a wonderful movie, it was so terribly sad. I bawled; there is no other word for it. I cry often, but rarely do I cry like a child that is settling down from a temper tantrum. I was gasping like a young child after they throw a complete fit. I have no clue why it was so touching; the sad scenes just seemed to drag on and on. Maybe it was because I knew how much Kevin would relate to this movie. I never want to wish tears upon anyone but, when Kevin and I cry together, when he leans his head on my shoulder and when he shows his true emotions, I feel the closest that I could ever be. I picture us on our wedding day, I picture the day that we realized moving out would be such a big task. Although I never wish for him to be sad, I love holding Kevin, seeing him rely on me, seeing him be sincere, seeing him need my love.

I am so overwhelmed with college, work, etc. but, no matter what the moments that Kevin and I share together are irreplaceable. I wouldn't trade them for anything.


  1. Hi again

    What a lovely post. It's wonderful you have such a healthy and mutually vulnerable relationship.

    The movie sounds good too. I'll have to see it.

    God Bless


  2. Aww, Marley & Me! Though I haven't seen the movie yet, I recommend reading the book. It's great. :)


by Elain Gates