Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So far this summer...

The summer has been crazy so far. I had about a week off from classes and I certainly enjoyed it. Now I am back into classes and I have two right now online and I start another one on June 22nd. They are a bit overwhelming but, God has given me strength and he has really been helping me be happy with myself and the world around me. I have been really stressed about money lately because working so far this summer has just not been going well. I am praying that something will turn around here so that way I can at least have a enough money to pay for my classes. It is especially stressful because I am not able to buy anything for our wedding and we are building a house so we are really really broke. However, I can't complain. Not having money makes us live a simple life. It has definitely opened my eyes and although I often still want want want, I am really trying to cut that behavior. I have never been a material person but, I do like to get things when I feel like mine are old. I am thinking about all the creative things I may hopefully be able to do with some of my clothes. I am really learning to appreciate what I have and to realize that I do not need new things. I am hoping that it is opening Kevin's eyes as well to the fact that we can live a simple and most importantly HAPPY life.

I am a person that tends to find something interesting, like other cultures and then tries to change myself to be that way. I think one thing that I really need to concentrate on doing is finding myself. I am hoping that in doing this I will have God's support. I am hoping that I can incorporate many different cultures and aspects in my own way to really define who I am. I need to find out who I am and especially because this is such an important time in my life and in Kevin's and my life. I would like to find who I really am and what my true values really are before we have children. I am praying for strength! I am definitely going to nurture myself and love myself and others.

We went to west virginia and I still need to post pictures from there. It was for my uncles surprise birthday party and we had a ton of fun! We also went to a Nascar race on sunday and that was really fun too. We tailgated with our two other friends and I think that was a great way to enjoy the day. The race was kind of boring but it was such a great experience. I would definitely go back!

I hope you all are having a good summer! I hope you are finding yourselves and I know that you have God's support. Just keep Him close to your heart and definitely nurture yourself and love yourself and others!

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by Elain Gates