Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A life of Succulence

If you have never heard of SARK, now you have and you have no excuse to live a boring life anymore. SARK is an amazing author of wonderful books about living your life to the fullest, nourishing yourself, and being SUCCULENT! I used to adore her books and when we moved I packed them up in a box and put them in our closet in our apartment. Now, I have been meaning to get them out of the box since November but, I just never "found the time." Finally, yesterday I said forget what I am doing right now, I deserve to read my favorite books and I deserve to live a full life no matter how busy I am. So now, you too, have no excuse not to live your life, nourish your soul, and be a beautiful, succulent wild woman. Read her books. The two I started with are Succulent Wild Woman and The Bodacious Book of Succulence. I thought I had another but I don't know if I do. I know I do have one of her work books and if I don't have the other book about "prosperity" then I am definitely going to get it as soon as I possibly I can.

Her books are absolutely the most encouraging books I have ever read. Every time I am feeling down I read them and even when I am feeling wonderful I read them. Her books help bring out the best in me and help me embrace my so called "flaws." Every time I sit down with one of books I just feel so fulfilled, so wonderful, like I want to embrace my life and just live and just be. When anyone is feeling like down, or feeling like the are full of "flaws" I suggest these books and try to bring in all of SARK's wonderful magical words. What an author, what a WOMAN!

So lately, my life has been devoted to succulence. Although I am always saying how important it is to nourish myself, I really mean it now. SARK has dared me to live my succulent wild life and I have accepted her challenge. I am really working toward loving life, nourishing my inner child, feeling my feelings, and just living my succulent wild life.

Our baby plants are getting SO big. We have peppers! We have tomatoes coming hopefully (there are flowers). We are so in love with our dear plants.
Aren't they gorgeous? This is just one guy! We have 6 peppers!!!

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