Friday, June 26, 2009

Can you believe it?

We can't!

We are getting married in Jamaica! Hopefully on December 23rd. We leave December 20th and do not return until December 27th! Sometime you don't get the date you want for the actual wedding but we are hoping to get December 23rd because it is our 2 year anniversary! What an amazing way to celebrate, lol! We absolutely can't wait and we will be there over Christmas as fun!!!!! All the details are on our other blog which is Two become one...December 23rd, 2009.

Life is just moving along. Aside from all our new wedding plans and excitement, nothing much is going. Work and classes take up most of my time but, we have also been looking for a house since we are not sure if we will have the money to build right now or not. We have been really trying to work on US the last few days because sometimes being so busy takes a little bit of a toll on our relationship. We need time together, just us.

I have been really trying to take care of my body and myself. I realized (which for some people is not a great realization but, for me its a big one) that I never get the days back that pass by so I might as well live every one with joy and excitement and happiness. Why spend them angry, when I can be happy? If I feel angry I just need to feel it, then shake it off and feel happiness! How great the days are that we are given and also how short. We must enjoy them or we will spend our whole life being unhappy, look back and then say Oh my gosh where did it all go?

Hope you are living a happy life and happy days! Keep thinking positively, everything will balance out, everything happens for a reason and everything will be okay!

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by Elain Gates