Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sweet Nights...

The last two nights have been very strange indeed. Kevin has been working at night these last two nights. Although I have been very sad without Kevin it has been quite an experience. Everybody has been telling me that I am crazy for staying up all night and then sleeping with him during the day but, I look at it as a new succulent adventure. When Kevin got home yesterday we got ready and went to bed and you know, it was a good day to stay in bed anyway! Then we woke up around 5 in the evening and went out to get some things and came home and rested again until he had to leave at 10:30 to go to work. Today he will be home around 7:15 and then we are going to get ready for bed and sleep for a few hours but, then we have to get back up because tonight we have to go to bed at normal time because he works at 7 a.m. tomorrow. Today when he gets home will be a nice day because we will get to spend some time together. We are considering getting ice cream at Rakestraws which will be wonderful!
During the night I have been watching tv, doing school work, blogging, updating face book, exercising on my wii fit, reading SARK's books and getting new ideas for my wild life. The last few days although I did lose my temper because I was exhausted, I have been really working on not being disappointed in my life and looking at it as a wonderful ride. I am so excited for the wonderful experiences that are yet to come and I am trying to accept that everything will come in due time!

I have definitely learned that I need to express my feelings; when I am angry I need to say I am angry. Do not be afraid because holding back feelings leads to a blow up in the end. Try new things, stay in bed, indulge your senses, feel your emotions, eat what you want, be YOURSELF. Why hold back? We have one life to live! Live it to the fullest. Waste no more days being afraid. Embrace your inner self and nourish the child within. Write what you want. Just love yourself and realize that it is not worth being upset about things that don't really need to be upset over. Feel upset and then look past it! You don't want to waste your life being upset when we are only given one chance. Just think there is only one June 17th 2009 so embrace it! Love it and be thankful for the day!

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by Elain Gates