Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What a week

It has been an incredible, yet insanely stressful week! With the news of our wedding spreading throughout the family, everyone possible has been wanting to see my ring or talk to me about this or that. It has been delightful to see my family so excited for me. It has however, been very stressful because last week was my last week of classes and this week is finals week. I have just needed some time to breathe, but I haven't had it for a little while. Even when I do have it, it doesn't seem like it because I am either studying or worrying about something else. But hey, this is the most exciting time of my life. We are planning our WEDDING! We are getting MARRIED! I can't wait, I wish it was tomorrow, although I am certainly not ready for it to be tomorrow as far as having all the things I need for this wedding. haha!

My Mom and I booked our reception place and it is absolutely wonderful. I think my finace's family is a little bit reluctant because it is expensive, but my mom said she wants to pay for it with help from my dad. She wants our wedding to be special and wonderful and magical! I am so excited! I will update in full later...all the wonderful details..I think Kevin and I are going to make a blog about it.....I am so excited!

I am praying for all of you and this whole world! I hope everyone can enjoy the things we have here on Earth and the Earth its self. I know through rough times it is hard, but I believe we can all just be kind to ourselves and from that kindness to ourselves and God will stem kindness to the rest of the world!

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  1. So glad you and your family are happy. Marriage is a blessing

    God Bless



by Elain Gates