Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love you Tomorrow....

Tomorrow is Kevins 25th birthday!!!!!! How exciting! Now I have been trying to make this birthday special by planning all these special things and what do you know, none of them have worked out! But, I will not give up! Today is going to be our day of celebration in a way. I am planning to decorate the whole house if I can and I still have to go out and find wrapping paper and bags for all his presents because, silly me, I forgot to look for them when I went shopping for his gifts. Kevin is a huge pineapple lover so I decided that I am going to make him a pineapple cake. Not pineapple upside down cake, just a yummy pineapple cake. I don't think he has ever had anything like that before. I also decided to make him his favorite dinner, steak and potatoes. Let us hope that turns out well becaue we are supposed to go look at a house possibly before we eat dinner. It kind of puts a damper on my plan because I wanted to do something really special, like set up candles and what not, however that is going to be mighty hard if we have to go out before hand. Usually dinner is ready when Kevin comes in the door or right around that time, but today, we will have to see how it all plays out. I am not sure what else I am going to do, but I really want to make the day special!!!! I hope he loves everything and I will most definitely post pictures ASAP. After all, like our realator said, he is a quater of a century old! Haha!!!! :) Happy Day all! Hope your day is filled with inspiration, warmth, and love! Look to yourself for all of these and may you find it in others as well.

With Love,

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